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Medication Information

Display Name Atorvastatin
Medication Class Other
Alternative Names
Chemical Name
Brand Names Lipitor
Generic Names
Number of prohibited interactions 0
Number of precautionary interactions 9
Number of unknown or no interactions 5
Total number of interactions 14

Medications that interact with Atorvastatin

Interacting Medication Designation Last Updated
Atazanavir/Cobicistat Precautionary 23-Jul-2018 View Details
Azithromycin Unknown or no reaction 22-May-2020 View Details
Boceprevir Precautionary 10-Jul-2018 View Details
Cenicriviroc Unknown or no reaction 20-Jul-2018 View Details
Daclatasvir Precautionary 09-Jul-2018 View Details
Darunavir/Cobicistat Precautionary 23-Jul-2018 View Details
Doravirine Unknown or no reaction 18-Jul-2018 View Details
GS-9674 / GS-0976 Unknown or no reaction 23-Jul-2018 View Details
Grazoprevir (Single Agent) Precautionary View Details
Raltegravir Unknown or no reaction 13-Jul-2018 View Details
Simeprevir Precautionary 18-Jul-2018 View Details
Sofosbuvir/Velpatasvir Precautionary 23-Jul-2018 View Details
Telaprevir Precautionary 10-Jul-2018 View Details
Tipranavir Precautionary 10-Jul-2018 View Details