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Medication Information

Display Name Asunaprevir/​Beclabuvir/​Daclatasvir (Clinical Trial)
Medication Class Anti-HCV
Alternative Names
Chemical Name
Brand Names
Components Asunaprevir, Beclabuvir, Daclatasvir
Generic Names
Number of prohibited interactions 1
Number of precautionary interactions 5
Number of unknown or no interactions 4
Total number of interactions 10

Medications that interact with Asunaprevir/​Beclabuvir/​Daclatasvir (Clinical Trial)

Interacting Medication Designation Last Updated
Buprenorphine/Naloxone Unknown or no reaction View Details
Caffeine Unknown or no reaction View Details
Digoxin Precautionary View Details
Flurbiprofen Unknown or no reaction View Details
Methadone Precautionary View Details
Metoprolol Precautionary View Details
Midazolam Precautionary View Details
Montelukast Unknown or no reaction View Details
Omeprazole Prohibited View Details
Pravastatin Precautionary View Details